We’re Backing Carmel

Right across NIPSA

Endorsements for Carmel Gates’ candidacy come from right across NIPSA, from those affiliated to different groupings and none and from all areas in which the union represents workers. From Health, Education, Councils and the Civil Service, ordinary members, officials and lay reps are backing Carmel Gates as the best candidate to succeed Alison Millar as General Secretary.

Michael Robinson
Civil Service Executive

I’m backing Carmel. I’ve known her and debated with her at NIPSA conferences on many occasions and most recently I’ve worked with her on TUS of the Central Whitley Committee.

It is my informed opinion, that she clearly has the extensive experience, commitment and knowledge of NIPSA and how it functions, that we absolutely need in a General Secretary.

And as many of you will also know and appreciate, she’s been a powerful advocate for our members in every role – from branch representative, seconded officer, Civil Service Executive, General Council, President, and now as Deputy General Secretary. She’s certainly best placed to step up into the General Secretary role.

Tina Creaney
Chairperson – Civil Service Group Executive Committee

Carmel Gates has my full support in the NIPSA General Secretary Election. I believe her years as a lay rep, Chair of the Civil Service Group and NIPSA President make Carmel the most qualified candidate for all areas of our union.

As Deputy General Secretary she has helped keep focus on the interests of all members and has been a great support to me in my role as Chair of CSGE. Her ability as a lead negotiator and campaigner make her the best candidate to lead NIPSA in the struggles ahead.

Maria Morgan
NIPSA HQ Official & Former NIPSA President

I am proud to be supporting Carmel Gates in the NIPSA General Secretary election. Carmel has been a constant support for Health Service issues and members in struggle in her many roles within the union, including as President and in her roles across the wider movement.

She has been a strong public voice in the media for workers and the NHS. As the current Deputy General Secretary Carmel is the person who can lead the biggest union in Northern Ireland into the future with her vast experience and dedication to NIPSA and all its members.

Tony McMullan
NIPSA Retired Members Group & Former NIPSA HQ Official

I have worked up front & close to Carmel for many years. Because she has clearly demonstrated that she has the qualities I believe a General Secretary needs I have no hesitation in endorsing her Candidacy for the post of NIPSA General Secretary & I encourage you to vote for her.

Damien Maguire
Chairperson – NIPSA Health & Social Care Panel

I am delighted to endorse Carmel Gates for General Secretary of NIPSA. She supports workers in struggle and stands shoulder to shoulder with workers on picket lines.

She is anti-sectarian, anti-racist, and she supports women’s rights and fights for equality. She is a socialist. She has a vision for NIPSA and she is what NIPSA needs.

Support Across NIPSA

This is just a small sample of the support for Carmel Gates.
Click below to see endorsements from NIPSA Reps, Officials and ordinary members

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