These endorsements for Carmel Gates come from across NIPSA, from lay reps, officials and ordinary members. All endorsements are made in a personal capacity.

As a candidate for all workers I was personally delighted that Carmel has decided to stand for General Secretary. Carmel has consistently supported Health workers on pay and the Admin & Clerical “we are not a footnote” campaign, amongst others. A candidate for the working class gets my vote!

Keith Campbell
Band 7 Admin & Clerical
Belfast Trust

I will be giving my vote to Carmel Gates because as a Health care worker it is important to me that NIPSA’s General Secretary understands the complexity of issues across the Health Service and Carmel has consistently supported health campaigns .I would urge all to support Carmel and good luck

Denise Norwood
Social Work Co-ordinator
Belfast Trust

I have no reservations in supporting Carmel for General Secretary.  I have worked with Carmel for many years on the Civil Service Executive and Central Whitley Committees.  Her experience and knowledge across all aspects of the NIPSA are invaluable and while we may not always agree this has never been a problem in taking forward issues on behalf of members. 
Since taking up the Deputy General Secretary post Carmel has shown clear commitment to working to for all members of the Union.  Through her open and straightforward approach she has already forged the good working relationships with key stakeholders that a General Secretary will need to have and I feel she is the best person to succeed Alison and to lead NIPSA through the challenges we will face in the future.

Joanne Veighey
Branch 70

To meet the challenges ahead, NIPSA requires a General Secretary, who is experienced, knowledgeable and articulate. This person, must also be passionate, in their desire to work for each and every member of NIPSA. Carmel has proven, over the years, that she has these attributes. I am confident, that Carmel has the will and desire, to advance our union and continue the fight to protect our members and those, most vulnerable, in our society.

John Havord
Joint Branch Secretary
Western Health & Social Care Trust

I believe Carmel Gates is the best candidate to be General Secretary of our great union. Carmel challenges the politicians without fear or favour. She works hard for all members and has an outstanding record.

Carmel always fights hard against injustice. Carmel fights against and raises all social injustices affecting society at every opportunity.

Carmel represents our union and members on all issues that are highlighted in the media, in the way members want but deserve. Carmel is hard hitting, accurate and will be a General Secretary that the working class will be proud of.

Brian Booth
Education Authority

As a member of the General Council for several years I fully endorse Carmel Gates for General Secretary of NIPSA.

Carmel is a dedicated trade unionist who fights in the interests of all members. I believe Carmel will make NIPSA a strong fighting democratic union to be proud of. She is politically astute and has an in depth knowledge of NIPSA’s policies, regulations, financial procedures and staffing matters. Her contribution both within NIPSA’s and the wider movement is unchallenged.

Tanya Killen
Joint Branch Secretary
Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

I am backing Carmel. I’ve known her and debated with her at NIPSA conferences on many occasions and most recently I’ve worked with her on TUS of the Central Whitley Committee.

It is my informed opinion, that she clearly has the extensive experience, commitment and knowledge of NIPSA and how it functions, that we absolutely need in a General Secretary.

And as many of you will also know and appreciate, she’s been a powerful advocate for our members in every role – from branch representative, seconded officer, Civil Service Executive, General Council, President, and now as Deputy General Secretary. She’s certainly best placed to step up into the General Secretary role.

Michael Robinson
Department for Infrastructure

Carmel Gates has my full support in the NIPSA General Secretary Election. I believe her years as a lay rep, Chair of the Civil Service Group and NIPSA President make Carmel the most qualified candidate for all areas of our union.

As Deputy General Secretary she has helped keep focus on the interests of all members and has been a great support to me in my role as Chair of CSGE. Her ability as a lead negotiator and campaigner make her the best candidate to lead NIPSA in the struggles ahead.

Tina Creaney
Department for Communities

The post of NIPSA General Secretary requires a reflective, strategic, energetic individual who will not only serve NIPSA members in all sectors to the best of their ability but who is also capable of being a positive influence on all strata of NI Government, sister unions and civil society.

I am endorsing Carmel Gates for the role. In addition to her most recent experience of working in NIPSA HQ, she has a wealth of experience negotiating collectively for members within the Civil Service and more widely when she served on the CS Group Executive and as President of NIPSA. As one of two current serving Deputy General Secretaries she is undoubtedly the best candidate to replace the outgoing General Secretary.

Janette McNulty
Department of Education

Throughout the many years as a committee member of Branch 27 and more recently as chair of Branch 96 and as DAERA Departmental Secretary I fully support and endorse Carmel Gates in the election for NIPSA General Secretary. I have found Carmel to work tirelessly for all NIPSA members. She never fails to attend picket lines, rallies or protests.

She has held many positions within NIPSA including two terms as President. I have never had any hesitation in calling or emailing Carmel for advice and guidance on member’s issues and have always got a prompt comprehensive response. Her knowledge, experience and work ethos makes Carmel the ideal candidate to lead NIPSA through these difficult times.

Colm Morgan

I have known Carmel Gates for a number of years and even after meeting Carmel for the first time I knew that I had encountered a great advocate of NIPSA. It is very easy to recognise the qualities that Carmel possesses. She has an immense desire and commitment to the protection and advancement of workers’ rights. Carmel has a strong sense of purpose and a determination to get things done.

Carmel will always be found standing side by side with NIPSA members. Carmel has certainly made her presence felt on numerous picket lines throughout the North West. Joining members on our picket line provided me with a visible and tangible sense of solidarity.

Carmel has a wealth of trade union experience and knowledge .The many years of dedicated service is testament to her true character.
Carmel’s strength of character will bring a fortitude to get things done right..
NIPSA needs Carmel Gates.

Martin Neeson
Department for Communities

I am proud to call Carmel Gates a comrade and to endorse her for NIPSA General Secretary. From my earliest days as a trade unionist it is Carmel who was always there with advice and guidance on how to navigate everything from representing members individually to organising workplaces.

Without Carmel Gates I would not be the trade unionist I am today.

Tiarnán Millar
Former Vice-Chair, NIPSA Youth

Carmel’s dedication to NIPSA members has been foremost in every dispute she has supported over the last number of decades.

I have seen first hand that Carmel has been forefront in negotiating at many disputes including the Water Charges, CS Equal Pay,  welfare reform, austerity cuts and many more. 

Carmel has immense knowledge of every aspect of NIPSA business from staffing matters, financial procedures, policy, rules and regulations, Carmel, as the incumbent Deputy General Secretary is the natural candidate who will make our union a proud union into the future.  The working class deserve this. 

Lucia Collins
Department for Communities

Former NIPSA Vice-President

Throughout the many years as a committee member of Branch 150 and Branch 96 and more recently as Assistant DAERA Departmental Secretary I fully support and endorse Carmel Gates in the election for NIPSA General Secretary. I have found Carmel to work tirelessly for all NIPSA members. She never fails to attend picket lines, rally’s or protests.

On many occasions Carmel has travelled to the North West to address members on various issues. Most notably pay negotiations. She has held many positions within NIPSA including two terms as President. I have had on many occasions called Carmel for guidance on behalf of DAERA members. Carmel has never hesitated to provide invaluable advice and guidance. Carmel’s wealth of experience, knowledge, strong Trade Union calibre and work ethos makes Carmel the candidate to lead NIPSA and its members at a time when a strong leader is required.

Brian McGeehan

I fully support Carmel Gates in the upcoming NIPSA General Secretary Election. She is dedicated activist who works hard for all the members. She is an outstanding negotiator, who is not afraid to challenge. She has travelled to many picket lines over the years to fully support the members.

Ann Coyle
Department for Communities

I am delighted to endorse Carmel Gates for General Secretary of NIPSA. She supports workers in struggle and stands shoulder to shoulder with workers on picket lines.

She is anti-sectarian, anti-racist, and she supports women’s rights and fights for equality. She is a socialist. She has a vision for NIPSA and she is what NIPSA needs.

Damien Maguire
Chairperson – NIPSA Health Panel

I am proud to be supporting Carmel Gates in the NIPSA General Secretary election. Carmel has been a constant support for Health Service issues and members in struggle in her many roles within the union, including as President and in her roles across the wider movement.

She has been a strong public voice in the media for workers and the NHS. As the current Deputy General Secretary Carmel is the person who can lead the biggest union in Northern Ireland into the future with her vast experience and dedication to NIPSA and all its members.

Maria Morgan
NIPSA Official – Health

Former NIPSA President

I can think of no better candidate for General Secretary of NIPSA than Carmel Gates. I have worked closely with Carmel over the years and can attest to her knowledge, work ethic and trade union principles. No other candidate has her depth of experience in fighting for members.

Carmel has led, and more importantly won campaigns across all areas of the union, has occupied every elected position, including being a 2-term president and now is the Deputy General Secretary. She alone has the experience to lead NIPSA forward, outwardly for the members and from within HQ for staff, so that NIPSA can remain a strong, relevant, fighting union for all its members.

Thomas McKillop
NIPSA Official

I am supporting Carmel Gates in the election for NIPSA General Secretary.

In looking to Carmel’s history of selfless commitment, conviction, compassion and competence as a trade unionist who has put our members at the heart of our Union; and a union activist who gives our members’ rights and needs a strong, passionate, voice in times of great challenges, Carmel has demonstrated that she is the natural choice for General Secretary.

As General Secretary of NIPSA, Carmel will ensure that our union will have a true leader who will ensure that NIPSA is a member-focussed and fighting union.

Paul Soto-Kelly

A General Secretary needs many qualities;

– The Ability to Inspire Activists
– The Capacity to Motivate HQ Staff
– The Skills to Negotiate at the Highest Level with Employers
– The Determination to fearlessly represent the Member’s Interests with the Media
– The Drive to Win Improvements in Member’s Pay & Conditions of Service
– The Vision to take NIPSA forward
– To be held in Respect by Members
– To be feared by Employers
– The Commitment to work very hard for Members
– The Need to be able to lead & to listen.

I have worked up front & close to Carmel for many years. Because she has clearly demonstrated that she has the qualities I believe a General Secretary needs I have no hesitation in endorsing her candidacy for the post of NIPSA General Secretary & I encourage you to vote for her.

Tony McMullan
Retired NIPSA Official

I am delighted to endorse Carmel Gates for NIPSA General Secretary. Having had the opportunity to work alongside her I have seen first-hand how effective she is. She is an excellent union official and campaigner with a real passion for improving the position of all NIPSA members.

There are unprecedented challenges facing our membership, including increased casualisation, pay regression, attacks on terms & conditions and increased risks of redundancies. With 35 years of experience, serving our union at every level, including being the current Deputy General Secretary, Carmel Gates is the ideal candidate to face these challenges head on. Please cast your vote for Carmel Gates.

Ryan Wilson
NIPSA Union Official

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