Carmel Gates

A respected, professional and experienced leader to unite our union

Dear Colleague,
To introduce myself, I am Deputy General Secretary of NIPSA.  I have been a
member for 39 years and have served in all key positions – in branches,
Departmental Committee, Executive Committee, and as a Seconded officer. I was on the elected leadership body, the General Council, for 25 years and have served as your elected President.

As Deputy General Secretary, I am a lead negotiator on pay, terms and conditions,
accommodation, safety, recruitment, and training.  I represent NIPSA at meetings of the Assembly Committees, with Permanent Secretaries and senior HR staff. 
My work on Equal Pay, the Review of Public Administration, Pay & Grading Reviews
and against water charges delivered real gains for tens of thousands of members. 
I have campaigned tirelessly to defend our health service, education, local
government, housing, the voluntary sector, civil service, and ALBs.  My work is
reflected in the large number of branch nominations I have received from all these

A vision for NIPSA

My vision is of a renewed, united union. I have always been a fighter for our
members. I will put in place a five-year strategy on the issues that really matter.
5 Targets:
Pay – Achieve improvements in living standards and end low pay.
Promotion – Ensure career development opportunities.
Pensions – Reduce the retirement age and improve pensions.
Blended Working – Safeguard the right to flexible home/office working.
Safety – Make every Civil and Public Service location a safety-first workplace.
To achieve these targets, I will bring together all the strands of our resources; legal
support, media communication, making our case to politicians, campaigning and
effective industrial action to deliver on your aspirations.

A union that cares

I am proud to be part of a union that cares about the big issues in our society.
I will continue to be at the forefront of challenging sectarian division and campaigning for workers’ unity and a fair society. I stand by NIPSA’s slogan ‘No to Sectarianism, Paramilitarism, and Repression’.
I am committed to the fight for women’s rights in the workplace, in our union, and in society. I am an active campaigner on issues such as the environment and against racism and homophobia.
I have built relationships with other trade unions that will allow me to work in
solidarity with unions in both the public and private sectors.

NIPSA united

I believe that members should be at the heart of decision making in a strong,
independent, democratic and united trade union.
My relationship with, and experience in, the media will allow me to use the position of the General Secretary to be a strong and articulate voice to stand up for all members.
I know that you share my view that NIPSA deserves to have a professional,
dedicated General Secretary who is part of the NIPSA team of members, activists
and headquarters staff.
Twitter: @carmel4GS
Facebook: Carmel Gates for NIPSA General Secretary

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