7 Reasons why you should vote for Carmel Gates


She has over 35 years of experience successfully negotiating on behalf of NIPSA members across all sections of the Public Services.

Proven Track record

Her proven record and her commitment to fighting and campaigning for the rights and interests of all Public Sector Workers is unrivalled.


She has demonstrated an ability to lead lay members and staff and administer services in a trade union setting.


She is Respected and Trusted by NIPSA Members.

Focused on members and democracy

She believes that members should be at the heart of decision making in a strong, independent, democratic and united trade union.

Committed to strengthening NIPSA

She is determined to strengthen the capacity of NIPSA representatives and members to defend public services, public service jobs, pay, pensions, and terms and conditions.

A Strong Voice

She is a strong and articulate advocate for NIPSA members in dealings with employers, politicians, the media and within the broader trade union movement.


I have worked up front & close to Carmel for many years. She has clearly demonstrated that she has the qualities I believe a General Secretary needs I have no hesitation in endorsing her candidacy and I encourage you to vote for her.

Tony McMullan
Former NIPSA Official

I believe Carmel Gates is the best candidate to be General Secretary of our great union. Carmel challenges the politicians without fear or favour. She works hard for all members and has an outstanding record.

Brian Booth
Education Authoity

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